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Donald Jack's Bandy Papers series Three Cheers for Me (original, unrevised standalone), Three Cheers for Me (revised, series vol.1), That's Me in the Middle, It's Me Again, available for Kindle/Kobo

A Wodehouse Handbook Vol. 1 now available for Kindle/Kobo/Nook

Latest e-books: Donald Jack's Hitler Vs Me & Stalin Vs Me

~ Reviews ~

"Marlowe's stories are detailed, quirky, with a good sense of humour,
but not without some dark, deft touches of horror..."
- Craig Pinhey, Telegraph-Journal,
reviewing Ether Frolics

This collection of nine short stories is a true jaw-dropping jewel of a book..."
- Aly Grauer reviewing Ether Frolics for Doctor Fantastique's Show of Wonders

"Bridgman packs the fantasy with a remarkable amount of information
about Iceland... pen and ink drawings appear throughout the novel
showcasing Bridgman’s considerable talent and creativity...
[she] successfully combines adventure, travel, magic, mystery,
mythology, and history in Kingdom of Trolls to enthral,
educate, and entertain young readers"
- Darleen Golke, CM Magazine

"Better-written than most best-selling kid-spy books, The Black Box will
appeal to fans of adventure stories and to anyone who would love to have
a benign sentient supercomputer at their beck and call.
Kim Aippersbach, CM Magazine

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