Canadian Emergency Alert Codes
Québec referendum, health care debate, hockey strike
Severe Anxiety
PQ election victory, peacekeepers hit by "friendly fire", government corruption, massive privacy breach, low dollar adversely affecting cross-border shopping, privatization, trade war, coup d'etat by corporate lobbyists.
Moderate Anxiety
Life-threatening government/corporate incompetence, native stand-off, high dollar adversely affecting exports, gas price increase, higher beer/cigarette taxes, flood/drought/fire/plane crash, tainted food crisis, budget deficit.
Mild Anxiety
Winter weather, summer weather, speeches by Stephen Harper, the Bloc, etc., Republican administration in Washington, changes to EI system, any special-interest group in the news, Opposition accused of treason for doing its job, PM suspends democracy
Situation Normal
Stanley Cup playoffs on, majority government, roll-up-the-rim contest in progress

The Canadian Emergency Code System has been provided
as a public service by Sybertooth Inc.