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About this image.
This was a very fun picture to put together. It is quite simple in that there are not many objects; terrain, lighting and skies are very ordinary...what I like is the flowing, organic effect that the plants have brought in; something I find quite difficult to achieve with Bryce.
The plants are all done with a great program called PlantStudio, which is an inexpensive plant modelling program. Working with such objects illustrates the difficulty of working with large file sizes however. The 9 or so plants that I used in this image pushed the BR3 file to over 45 megs in size.Still, PlantStudio is a fun program to work with and is worth experimenting with.
This image is basically all Bryce with no Photoshop additions betyond a minor touchup. For anyone interested, this image consists of:

1626 objects
775,058 polygons
9 plants
1 terrain
1 water plane
1 light
1 stone

Project time: 2hours
Render time: 22 minutes
Post Production: 15 minutes