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Topic Summary - Displaying 4 post(s).
Posted by: Carl_Demings Posted on: 26. Apr 2003 at 12:46
Hello! Rick ...
So far ... I haven't had much luck in locating your family.

I would like to make a suggestion for the research YOU are doing.

Would it be possible to find the obituaries of your ancestors, particularly for Angus? Because you said they were all buried in Malden, Mass., I assumed these obits might be found in newspapers in the same area. I have usually found the obits helpful as they often gave the names of the immediate family.

Still looking! Carl.
Posted by: rick_mccarriston Posted on: 22. Mar 2003 at 22:32
Hi Carl.
Ihave some better info. Angus McDonald had several children Angus died 09-30-1900 9months;Alexander A.died 06-10-1908;Catherine (McCarriston) my fathers motherdied 06-26-1992. My father had an uncle Allen McDonald died 12-09-1959. All are buried at Holy Cross Cemetery in Malden mass USA. My father figures Angus McDonald his grandfather was born in the 1870's-1880's. My father remembers angus being alive in the 1940's but doesn't know were he is buried.  The cemetery plot in Malden Mass was purchased when young angus died at 9 months. This puts them in springhill N.S. before the turn of the century. Carl I am still working the internet and searching cemetry records. Now that my father is a widow is his talking about his family which was never talked about before.
   Carl there is also a Margaret Mcdonald buried in the same plot and my father doesn't know who she is. She died 01-10-1918 at 40 yrs. putting here year of birth at 1868.  
PS My father remembers visiting Springhill N.S. Canada in the 1930's but doesn't know who?   Thanks inadvance Rick  E-mail
Posted by: Carl_Demings Posted on: 22. Mar 2003 at 03:42
Hello! Rick ...

You wrote you were interested in finding information on your dad's mother's family. It has been difficult to find connecting information due to the lack of dates, (birth, marriage, death, etc), either known or approximate of his ancestors. There were and are McDonald's in Springhill and even more than one Angus.

If you could supply whatever dates you can find out it would make searching much easier.

Thanks! ... and hope to hear from you.
Posted by: rick_mccarriston Posted on: 20. Mar 2003 at 14:27
Hi everyone
iam writting from massachusetts USA. My farther and I are trying to reseaech his mother's family.  He knows his mothers name was Catherine mcdonald and his greantfather was angus mcdonald. My father remembers angus making indian type products and the family being upset. My father believes his grandmother was a micmaq indian (no name). My father remembers travelling to springhill NS in the 1930's. The records in the usa arevery sketchy at best. I am wondering if the came to america as illegal immigrants?? My fathers family was not the friendliest and everyone has died that would know. any info would be great. thanks in advance Rick