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Topic Summary - Displaying 3 post(s).
Posted by: Barbara Buckley Posted on: 09. Jan 2005 at 13:52
Thanks Catherine!  I do know about William Conn and his wife Mary (I believe it's Brown) and some of their children.  I have been collecting info about Conns in Cumberland and Pictou Co. in hopes of being able to someday tie them to my gg-grandfather John Conn.  So far the only connection I have found is that William Conn's grandson George Oulton was the best man at the wedding of my g-grandfather David Conn.  Coincidence or family connection?  

The information about Margaret Conn marrying Wilson Demings was new to me.  I found her in the 1871 census as a 30 year old unmarried woman living with her mother Mary Conn and a 40 year old David Conn (presumably her brother) and a 20 year old David Conn.  

Last night I checked the 1881 census for Cumberland County and found 3 Margaret Deming(s).  One was 53 years old and married to Joseph B. Demings, living in Pugwash.  The second was 53 years old and married to William T. Deming, living in Victoria Cross Rd.  The third was 41 years old married to William Demings and living in Pugwash.  This third one seems to be the right age for Margaret Conn.  Do you think that Wilson Demings could be the same as William Demings?

Posted by: Catherine Dickie Posted on: 08. Jan 2005 at 22:42
Dear Barbara,
There was a William Conn who came from Ayrshire Scotland ca.1830 to Cumberland County.h./w was Mary believed to be Mary Young,.they are buried in Conn's Mills Cemetery.He died 27 Oct.1863 ae.74 years.Mary 1796-1876.They must of had a son,Andrew he is buried in Conn's Mill Cemetery.,a son Robert ,Conns Mills Cemetery.& a Margaret Conn w/o Wilson Demings.
All I have for this time.
Posted by: barbara Posted on: 30. Apr 2004 at 16:08
I am seeking information on Conns in Cumberland Co.  My grandmother, Sarah Conn b. Springhill in 1894 was the daughter of Susan Jane Townsend and David Conn.  David Conn was the son of John Conn and Elizabeth Ann Simpson who came to Springhill about 1872 from Pictou Co.  I know nothing about the ancestry of John Conn and am wondering whether there is a relationship between Conns in Pictou Co. and the Conns of Conns Mills, Cumberland Co.

John Robert Conn was David Conn's younger brother.  I don't know anything about John Robert that would be of assistance to Rhoda.

Thanks in advance.

Barbara Buckley