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Topic Summary - Displaying 6 post(s).
Posted by: Pamela Vance Averill Posted on: 29. Sep 2015 at 13:24
Hi! My name is Pamela Vance Averill, and my grandfather was born in Nova Scotia in 1883.  His name was William Parker Vance.  His dad was Peter and Elizabeth (Wilson) Vance.  I enjoy reading about my ancestors in Nova Scotia!  Thanks for all your postings as I will read them all to see if I learn more about my family. Thanks again! Pam
Posted by: patriquin / wilson Posted on: 29. Sep 2012 at 12:31
  Mary Patriquin that died 7 June 1871 was not the wife of James Wilson she was married to George Carr. (James Wilson &
his wife Mary Patriquin b: abt: 1816 & d: after 1881 as they where in the 1881 N.S. census records and not in the 1891 census)
But after a lot of checking I strongly belieave that the 2 mary's where TWINS sisters. I decend from this wilson line a
C.D.James Wilson1804-22 DEc.1883m/Mary Patriquin 1816-07 June 1871.d/o Alexander & Mary Elizabeth(Mattatall)Patriquin& had
1,John 1835-m1/17 July 1877 Julia Augusta Purdy.m/2/07 Feb.1883 Sarah Higgins.
2,Robert 30 Oct.1836-25 Dec.1909,m/18 May 1871 Mary Catherine Davidson
3,George 1838-05 Jan.1901 m/24 June 1863 Mary Jane Forbes.
4,Mary Ann 1841-
5.Alexander 10 Feb.1845,m/28 Feb.1870 Mary Doyle
6,Elizabeth 1848-m/1868 Peter Vance
7,David 1851-m/10 Mar.1873 Hattie Mary Janet
8,Isabella 1853-1878 m/01 May 1875 William Broughton
9,Thomas 1854-m/08 Sept.1875 Catherine May Nelson.
10,Mary Rachel 1855-m/03 Sept.1872 John McKinnon
11,William 1858-m/29 Mar.1877 Catherine Davidson ;from C.D.
Posted by: dad Posted on: 24. Sep 2012 at 15:17
death record for: John P. Wilson  died sept. 6, 1899 in Chelsea, Massachusetts (USA) male: age: 64yrs married:  occupation: moulder  birthplace Cumberland Cr., N.S. estimated birth year 1835  burial place: Attleboro, Massachusetts  father: James Wilson  father's birthplace: N.S.  mother: Mary Patriquin  mother's birthplace: N.S.   (from Massachusetts, death's 1841-1915)
Posted by: edna hannah Posted on: 06. Nov 2005 at 15:46
Catherine Dickie'

My name is Edna Hannah...I am one of the Victoria B .C. sources spoken of by DAD.
My mother was one of the granddaughters of George G Wilson and Mary Jane Forbes.
She was the daughter of Sarah Wilson and Peter Ralph...her name was Harriet (Hattie) Ralph.
I have a great deal of information about most of the family, and I know that Mary Jane Forbes/Wilson married Albert Rushton following the death of George G. Wilson in 1901.
But, I don 't know what happened to Mary Jane after that! How long did she live...where was she buried?
Do you have any information about that?

Really hope you DO have a few answers about MAry Jane Forbes/Wilson/Rushton

Edna Hannah
Victoria, B.C.
Posted by: Catherine Dickie Posted on: 31. Aug 2005 at 19:43
Hi!,George G.Wilson,ca/1838-05 Jan.1901,m/24 June 1863 Mary Jane Forbes b/ca 1844.she was also the third wife of Albert F.Rushton d/o William Forbes & Hannah ,she was 55 & a widow she married 06 Feb.1902Albert F.Rushton.1845-21 Aug.1902.I have the children & the three wives names.Also the children of George & Mary Jane ,who their spouces were & some of the children & where they are buried.if you would like these let me know,
Catherine Dickie
Posted by: dad Posted on: 29. Jun 2005 at 14:08
Could this be part of James Wilson & Mary Patriquin's children in Cumberland & Colchester county,Nova Scotia,
and siblings of my g-grandfather Robert Wilson of LONDONDERRY,Colchester county, Nova Scotia this is in
the right time frame and place.

below from 1871 census colchester county, Nova Scotia

serial #  district    family #    name           age          year of burth

1245,"LOWER LONDONDERRY",351,"WILSON","JAMES","","67","",""     (b:1804)
1245,"LOWER LONDONDERRY",351,"WILSON","MARY","","55","",""      (b:1816)
1245,"LOWER LONDONDERRY",351,"WILSON""THOMAS","","15","",""   (b:1856)
1245"LOWER LONDONDERRY",351,"WILSON""WILLIAM","","12","",""   (b:1859)

below from 1881 census Colchester county

324","MIDDLE LONDONDERRY","324","WILSON","JAMES","","70",

324","MIDDLE LONDONDERRY","324","WILSON","MARY","","62",

below from 1864-1910 marrage records of  COLCHESTER County, Nova Scotia

(David b: 1851  son of James Wilson & Mary [?patriquin])

(John b: 1835  son of James Wilson & Mary [?patriquin])

"08","09","1875" ,"NELSON","CATHERINE","MAY","16","S"
,"ACADIA MINES", "","SAMUEL","MARY", "" , "","","624"
(Thomas b: 1854  son of James Wilson & Mary [?patriquin])

,"CATHERINE","","19","S","ACADIA MINES" ,"","ISAAC",
(William b: 1858 son of James Wilson & Mary [?patriquin])

"GEORGE","MARY", "","","","","11","09","1889","RUSHTON",
(James b: 1868, son of George Wilson & Mary Forbes probably grandson of
James Wilson & Mary Patriquin)

WILSON ISABELLA             "BROUGHTON","WILLIAM","","30","S",
"ACADIA MINES","?SHIRE","JAMES","SUSANAH","","","","", "01","05","1875","WILSON","ISABELLA","","22","S",
"ACADIA MINES","","JAMES","MARY","","","","624"
(Isabella b: 1853  daughter of James Wilson & Mary [?patriquin])    

"ACADIA MINES","","JAMES","MARY","","","","624"
(Elizabeth b: 1948 daughter of James Wilson & Mary [?patriquin])    

below from 1864-1910 marrage records of Cumberland County, Nova Scotia

"JAMES","MARY","","IRON WORKER","","","17","07","1877"
(John b: 1834  son of James Wilson & Mary [?patriquin])

( Mary b: 1855 daughter of James Wilson & Mary Patriquin)

,"GEORGE G","MARY","","","","","29","10","1902","LORIMER"
(Murdock b:1877  son of George Wilson & Mary Forbes probably grandson of James
Wilson & Mary Patriquin)

"TATAMAGOUCHE","JAMES","MARY", "","","","","28","02",
"1870","DOYLE","MARY","","27","S","WALLACE RIVER",
"WALLACE RIVER","PHILIP","JANE","","","","625"
(Alexander b: 1845  son of James Wilson & Mary [?patriquin] Wallice river probabl birth
place of James Wilson? )

below from burth records of Cumberland County, Nova Scotia

(Mary is the daughter of John McKinnon & Mary Rachael
Wilson and granddaughter of James Wilson & Mary Patriquin)

"04","01","1868"," 68","240","RIVERPHILIP","","WILSON",
"JAMES","HUGH", "","GEORGE","MARY","FORBES","","06",
(son of George Wilson  & Mary Forbes probably grandson of James Wilson & Mary Patriquin)

from my g-grandfather's death record in Oklahoma

Robert Wilson  b:1836 to 1843 I have 3 diffrent dates,in Londonderry,Colchester County, Nova Scotia, Canada
dCheesyecember 25, 1909 in Chant--McCurtain, Haskell County, Oklahoma,   married: May 18, 1871 in Will County, Illinois, USA, to Mary Catherine Davidson, b:January 23, 1850 in (?Warren County?, Mississippi), d: May 18, 1939, in Ventura, Ventura County, California,  and they had 9 children.

and through family research with cousin in Victoria, Canada.

George G. Wilson b:1838 in Colchester County, N.S., d:  January 05, 1901 in Springhill, Cumberland County, N.S., married: June 24, 1863 in Westchester Mountain, Cumberland County, N.S., to Mary Jane Forbes, b: 1844, in Maitland, Hants, N.S., d: Aft. 1902 in N.S. and they had 11 children