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Posted by: Forum Administrator Posted on: 15. Dec 2007 at 15:51
Vote for your favourite book in our new poll (now that the forum can do polling). Sorry we have to combine Hitler vs Me & Stalin vs Me, but the poll only allows eight options.
Posted by: Forum Administrator Posted on: 07. Jun 2006 at 00:54
The original Three Cheers is a hard volume to find today as it hasn't been published since the revised version came out in the early 70s. I don't have a copy myself, but have read it in the library, and it has an interesting forward too, in which Jack explains the "origins" of the memoirs that he has supposedly found, and is editing. I seem to recall that some of the names were different too - for example, Katherine's family's house, and one of the officers, both had different names I think.

Copies turn up on ABE Books from time to time.
Here's the cover of one of the early clothbound editions:

Posted by: Hal_Hagan Posted on: 06. Jun 2006 at 19:41
My favourite Bandy book was the _original_ "Three Cheers for Me".  My Dad has a signed copy.
The one I'm referring to is the very very first Bandy Book, before there was ever an idea turning it into the first of a series of books.  

This book is a little gem, very fresh, with tight writing and tremendously (tears streaming down the face) funny.
Not sure if this ever shows up in anyone's library anymore, given the later re-working and reprinting to become the first of the Bandy Trilogy.  If you can find a copy of this, you'll have a real rarity.  It's not very big, probably not as long as the reworked version, but it's truly excellent.

I remember Don visiting my folks when I was somewhere around 15, telling us his publisher had asked him to extend "Three Cheers for Me" into a set of three books.  He was happy to have the work ahead of him (and an advance), but he also felt quite daunted because he had crafted this first book so well he worried he'd lack for material for two more volumes (go figure!).

He was talked about some ideas which he was thinking about for the second and third volumes, and was battling with ideas on how to rework the first book in order to provide some story lead-ins so it would work as volume one of a trilogy.
I doubt he realized then that he and Bart Bandy would be figurative bedfellows for much of the rest of Don's life.
Posted by: Forum Administrator Posted on: 01. Jun 2006 at 01:26
"It's Me Again" seems a popular volume - we'll keep it in mind for a future re-print.
Posted by: Marshall Posted on: 26. May 2006 at 01:48
Favourite: It's Me Again Vol.3, Bart's practical but very effective leadership style makes this one my all time fav.

Hardest to find: Has to be Vol.9, because I just found out about it tonight.
Posted by: Craig Hansen Posted on: 18. Jan 2006 at 17:04
I have hardcovers of all except "It's Me Again" - my favourite.

If anyone knows where I can get a hardcover of Volume 3, let me know.
Posted by: Forum Administrator Posted on: 03. Jan 2006 at 12:22
Hi Mark,

Yes! In fact, we're currently working on bringing out a paperback edition of Hitler vs Me, which will hopefully be available later this year. Further news will be posted here as soon as the plans become more definite.

Posted by: Mark Apland Posted on: 03. Jan 2006 at 06:52
It seems quite difficult to come across a copy of "Hitler Vs Me" for anywhere near a decent price.  As I'm in the States, it seems that I will have to order a used copy and have it shipped to a friend in Vancouver.  Any chance for a reprint?
Posted by: Forum Administrator Posted on: 28. Nov 2005 at 12:53
A poll for Bandy readers:

What's your favourite Bandy book?


What Bandy book have you most wanted to read but had trouble finding?