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Posted by: Forum Administrator Posted on: 16. Feb 2006 at 23:26
[quote author=Kristine  link=1140015851/0#3 date=1140144450]I'm almost done Hilter vs. Me after aquiring it.  Which was hard to do. [/quote]

There aren't too many copies of Hilter vs. Me around - luckily, we'll be releasing a paperback edition of it later this year.
Posted by: Kristine Posted on: 16. Feb 2006 at 22:47
I'm very glad I came across this.  I started reading the Bandy Papers when I was 13.  Four years later my friends are still hearing about Bandy's antics!  I'm almost done Hilter vs. Me after aquiring it.  Which was hard to do.  I'm so excited to hear of these radio recordings and I am currently looking into my libary branch to get a hold of them!
Posted by: Lord Peter305 Posted on: 16. Feb 2006 at 16:09
Many thanks for your reply.

I now live in the USA and so I'm not sure I will be able to do an InterLibrary Loan...will have to see.

This is another example of the wonderful material in the CBC Archives that I wish they would release on CD or Tape.
Posted by: Forum Administrator Posted on: 15. Feb 2006 at 17:22
Dear Lord Peter,

I assume this title is a little "Wimsey" of yours...

Yes, you're quite correct that there was a radio dramatization of Bandy. Three Cheers for Me was broadcast as five half-hour episodes, and RCI records produced a 5-sided 3-lp set of the radio play (one side was blank). I believe the script was based more on the first edition of the book than the second.

The recording may have been only intended for distribution to radio stations for airplay, judging by the minimalist packaging, and the expiry date on it. It's unlikely to ever get reissued, partly because of the copyright complexities, but you may be able to borrow a copy through your library via interlibrary loan (as I did), since a few libraries still have the records. Note that there is usually a charge of ten dollars or so for an interlibrary loan of this sort.

You can search a number of library collections at
Try searching for the title "Three cheers for me [sound recording]"
with "Entire AMICUS database" selected.

This comes up with copies at:

     University of Guelph
     Library and Archives Canada

Note that you may also get listings of the CNIB audio book which is intended only for loan to the visually impaired. If you want the radio play, look for the "Radio Canada International" recordings.
It's possible that other libraries have copies in their collections too.
Posted by: Lord Peter305 Posted on: 15. Feb 2006 at 15:04
If memory serves, CBC Radio did some plays based on the Bandy books way back in the 1970's, with Don Harron in the starring role.  Does anyone else remember these and would anyone have tapes they would be willing to share?