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Posted by: Kristen Hunter Posted on: 14. Nov 2015 at 20:01
Today I found out that my great grandmother Elta Roblee the second wife of Jack Roblee passed away sometime this past week Cry. He currently is in a nursing home, I believe it is in either Liverpool or Milton N.S
Posted by: jgmckay Posted on: 21. Aug 2012 at 23:38
I am currently working on my McKay family roots in the Cumberland area. Just a warning that the census reports are not totally correct. For example John David Sr. Was not born in Scotland. He was born in Stellarton.

I am learning as I go but if you search his kids wedding records it states he was born in NS. I will post more information after I clean up the mess. But thanks for the reference sheet Annapolis.
Posted by: annapolis Posted on: 16. Jul 2012 at 23:58
Lloyd Logan Roblee
Service No F40323
He served with the Royal Rifles of Canada. I checked for his platoon and found that he was in an unallocated platoon. He was injured in battle suffering a fractured tibia and fibula ununited, loss of tissue. He is buried at Yokahama War Cemetery, Sec. B.A.10
At the time of his death, his parents Myles and Emily were living in Sackville, NB.

I went back to check on Lloyd as my father-in-law was also with the Royal Rifles and was prisoner of war in both Hong Kong and Japan. I found that Lloyd Roblee and my father-in-law were in the same unallocated platoon. I checked the other names in the unallocated and recognized many of the names. He served with a great group of men.
Posted by: annapolis Posted on: 16. Jul 2012 at 20:50
Leona M. O'Brien (McKay)
d. 13/7/1994 Springhill, age 71
d/o Oliver and Theresa
Busb 1 Ralph Hachey
sons - Waynde and Bruce Hachey
daughters - Laura House, Deborah Orr
Husb 2 - Harold "Emmerson" O'Brien

Harry MacKay
d. 26/6/1991 New Glasgow, age 81
wife - Helen Tate
s/o Oliver and Trassa (Roblee)
occupation - coal miner
duaghters - Cynthia Auganells, Darlene Muir and Jan (Edison MacDonald)
step-daughter - Sheila Livingstone
1 brother 6 sisters
served oversea WW11

McKay, Ronald "Bud"
d. 26/12/1983 Springhill, age 55
wife - Jean A Anderson
s/o Oliver and Tessa McKay
occupation - coal miner 25 years and RCA
son - Ronald Gregory
daughters - Cheryl (Arnold Farley), Margaret Ann (Jack Thomas)
predeceased by son - Justin Paul

hope this helps with your search, I will check back to see if you need anything else that I can help with
Posted by: annapolis Posted on: 16. Jul 2012 at 20:44
Here is the information on the McKay side of your family

McKay, Eldora, b. Nov 1916 d. Oct 31, 1918, 1 year 11 months
Spanish flu, buried Hillside Cemetery
d/o Oliver and Tessa (Roblee) McKay

McKay, John David b. July 3, 1908 d. May 21, 1973, 64 years
spouse - Eldora Jean McCormick m. 1928
s/o Oliver and Tessa (Roblee) McKay
buried Westbrook Cemetery

McKay, John Sr. b. March 17, 1841, Scotland d. Jan 30, 1922 Springhill
age 80, buried Stellarton Cemetery
spouse - Mary Jackson

McKay, Mrs. Mary (Jackson) b. Oct 25, 1861 Amherst Head
d. Dec 29, 1922
daughter of Thos and Rebecca
1st marriage to Charles Potts

McKay, Oliver b. July 11, 1886/87 Stellarton
d. august 15, 1975, Pugwash, 89 years
m. Sept 24, 1907 Theresa M. Roblee
s/o John and Mary (Jackson) McKay
buried Hillside Cemetery

McKay, Theodore, b. Nov 8, 1890 Pictou
d. Oct 19, 1919 Springhill - shot on Main St.
m. Marg't Cummings Aug21, 1913
s/o John and Mary (Jackson) McKay

McKay, Thomas alexander
b. Oct 4, 1879 Stellarton, d. July 9, 1951 Springhill
spouse - Edna Weatherbee
m. Nov 14, 1899
s/o John and Mary McKay

McKay, Theresa May (Roblee)
b. South Victoria, Cumb Co.
d. 20/07/1980 Springhill, age 90
d/o of David C and Margaret Anne (McLellan) Roblee
daughters - Margaret Rushton, Geneva Alderson, Leona O'Brien, Ivy Brown, Alice white, Ruth, Beatrice White
sons - Harold, Ron, Harry

McKay, William Harold
b. Springhill d. 1/3/1999 Apringhill, age 85
wife - Thelma Adams
s/o Oliver and Theresa
served RCA WW11
son - Donald Wm (Trapper) McKay
foster daughter - Judy Ford
Played with Springhill Fencebusters and iron Dukes ball teams

Geneva Alderson (McKay)
d. 24/10/1990 Springhill, age 76
d/o Oliver and Tessa McKay
predeceased by husband Ephrem
sons - Reginald and Ephrem Jr.
brothers - Harold, Harry
sisters - Leona, Margaret, Alice, Beatrice, Ruth and Ivy
predeceased by daughter Eleanor

Posted by: annapolis Posted on: 16. Jul 2012 at 09:42
from the Moss Diaries
Howard H. Roblee
b. Nov 21 1882/84 d. April 25, 1927
wife - Mary Elizabeth Stewart, m. Nov 2, 1904
son of Cyrus and Margaret A. (McLellan)

Leonard James Roblee
b. 1888 d. January 14, 1957wife - Myrtle M. Patriquin, m. 1912
son of cyrus and Margaret A. (McLellan)
buried Salt Springs, Pictou county

Myles Roblee
b. April 14, 1900, d. June 24/25, 1951, Dorchester
wife - Emma Hale, second marriage to A. Smith
born S. Victoria, s/o David C and Margaret (McLellan)

Lloyd Logan Roblee
b. 1916, d. April 21, 1944 prison camp Hong Kong, buried Japan
age 28, born Springhill
son of Myles and Emma (Hale)

There are lots of Mckays listed so I will go through them and list them here later. Have an appointment and need to go.
Posted by: annapolis Posted on: 16. Jul 2012 at 09:26
There is a delayed Regitration of birth for John David McKay in August 1967 which shows his parents address as 29 Pioneer St, Springhill.
Posted by: annapolis Posted on: 16. Jul 2012 at 09:20
The previous thread started to bounce so will continue
you should be able to find more family members on both 1901 and 1911 census as well as bmd's that are available on the nova scotia genealogy site.
you can check the 1881 and 1891 census at that site

Just make sure to check for alternate name spellings.

hope this helps , Val
Posted by: annapolis Posted on: 16. Jul 2012 at 09:18
These sites will be helpful as you can see the original documents using the split screen/view options
1907 Book 1811 page 79 number 220
Oliver McKay, age 21, bachelor, miner, b. Stellarton, NS, presbyterian
parents John and Mary, miner
Tressie May Robilie, age 19, spinster, b. South Victoria, NS
parents David and Margaret, farmer
witness - John McKay and Marnie Harrison, Rev. C. McRae

2 marriages for David C. (Cyrus) Roblee
Maggie A. McLennan in 1881
Mary Jane Stewart in 1903

death for David Cyrus Roblee 1933 in South Victoria

using the site you will be able to find more of your relatives for both McKay and Roblee

the other site will give you the 1901 and 1911 census info
McKay, Oliver, b. July 1886, age 24, miner, on strike
Theresa, b. June 1889, age 21
John, b. July 1908, age 2
Harry, b. Dec 1909, age 1
Margret, b. Nov 1910, age 7 months
They lived on Elm St.

You will also find her parents under
Cyrus Roblee
May (Mary)
Leonard, Jenita, and Miles

Checked the 1901 census for Nova Scotia, Cumberland, Springhill
John McKay,b. 1841, age 60
Mary, b. 1861, age 39
Maggie R. b. 1885, age 16
Oliver, b. 1887, age 14
Catherine, b. 1888 age 12
Angus, b. 1889 age 11
Theodore, age 1890, age 10
Rebecca b. 1891, age 9
Amelia E. b. 1894, age 6
Potts, Clarence, step son b. 1884, age 17

John, Oliver and Clarence are all miners working int he mines.
Posted by: Keith W Posted on: 15. Jul 2012 at 04:20
Hello! New poster here!

My Dad's side is from Springhill.

My Grandmother, Alice McKay's mother was
Tessa Robblee. Her husband's name was
"Ollie" guessing Oliver McKay.

They lived in Springhill, and had a number of children,
including my Grandmother in 1924. There were
two Harold's, Beatrice, Leona, Geneva, Ivy
and John "Bud" McKay.

Anyone who could give me some info, it would
be much appreciated.
Posted by: Linda Warren Posted on: 22. Nov 2011 at 10:01
Jack and Elta had no children of their own.  Jack is the son of Margaret Roblee, Daughter of Charlie Roblee and I think Alice Booth. They had Harriet, Martha, Elizabeth, Thelma, Margaret and Eileen, I dont think I forgot any of them, Elizabeth married Harry and Warren, and had Ken and George.  Margaret and her mother raised Jack, until Mrs Roblee passed away, and Margaret went to live in a hime in Pugwash.  Jack was then raised by Harry and Elizabeth along with their own two sons, Kenneth, who is still in Springhill, and George who is now in Pembroke Ontario. Ken had 3 daughters( Linda, Kathy and Nancy) and 1 son, andrew, George had 4 boys and 4 girls. Bruce, Janet, Diane, paul, David, Carol, Kenny, Linda. Jack's Aunt Eileen had 2 girls and one boy Elizabeth, Marnie and John.  Elizabeth is in New Glasgow, Marnie is in Conneticut and JOhn if he is still living is in Alberta. Kenneth Warren has 2 grandchildren by Kathy in Fredericton.
Posted by: Kristen Hunter Posted on: 16. Sep 2011 at 18:13
Jack and Elta Roblee are both still alove and live jusst outside of Liverpool Nova Scotia in milton Smiley
Posted by: Susan Posted on: 12. Oct 2010 at 10:51
Not sure if you are still looking for information on Percy Roblee.  My family used to know him when I was a child.  He married Lauretta and lived in Edmonton and had Florence, CArol and Melvin.  Carol is still in Edmonton, her husband (who just passed) is named Richard (thingy) Quaife and you should be able to contact them via phone number in Edmonton, Alberta.
Hope this helps.
Posted by: carla boyce Posted on: 29. Jan 2008 at 22:49
wow....that`s interesting...but what about jack (john)? I know his mother was institutionilized after his birth , a fact from my grandmother , Ada. I have never met him  and i`m not even sure he knows I exist.But i would like to find him , either way....cemetary , or still living (which would be the better choice)
Posted by: cathy Posted on: 29. Jan 2008 at 20:45
Cyrus & Margaret Roblee,had Howard Roblee 21 Nov.1884-25 Apr.1927
m/Mary Eliza Stewart,1881-1917 had
1,Rhoda May 1905-1905
2,,Charles David 1906-,m/Irene Levergie
3,Doris Adeline 1908- m/Orland Wood
4,Norman Alexander 1910-1910.
5,Lucinda May 1912-1974,m/1st/Clarence Gates Dykens,grandparents of my 4 step children,she m 2nd/William MacEwan
6,Percy Hector 1915-09 Nov.2005 ,m/Lauretta Mattatall.had Florence,Carol & Melvin
7,Edith 1917-
Some of these are buried in Hillside Cemetery,Springhill