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Posted by: Carol Fillmore Posted on: 31. Oct 2008 at 13:39
I have at least 1 Edward Fillmore in my family tree although off the top of my head don't remember dates of birth/death.  I have a few members of my family including my grandfather who did mining and believe it to be in Springhill.  My paternal grandfather was from the Sackville, NB area and lived for a time in Amherst, NS as did siblings. The Fillmore's seemed to have crossed the NB/NS border on a regular basis.  I will look for any Edwards to see if they match up with the grandfather you are seeking.
Posted by: Mary Posted on: 30. Apr 2008 at 11:26
Thanks for the work!!!  I went on to the web site you suggested and there was a lot more infomration there then what I had tapped into before!  I see where there is a Edward Fillmore from Middlesex England who would be about the right age!  Thanks!!!

Posted by: annapolis Posted on: 30. Apr 2008 at 01:13
Hi again
I found where the Foster's were living in 1906.
Transcribed records have Bidford, age 5, Maria age 40, Thomas age 66, Vira P age 8 living in Portage La Prairie District.

The 1906 census has Walter living in Brandon MB and the 1911 Census has Walter living in Vancouver, BC.

Just keep getting as much info as possible and things may start to come together and you may find more information.

Another site that I found was

Once you have as much info as possible you may start to link some of the families in the NB area together. It does appear that Sackville, Shediac, Baie Verte and the surrounding areas had the majority of the Fillmores.
Try alternative spellings as well when searching for info.
Good luck
Posted by: annapolis Posted on: 29. Apr 2008 at 23:57
Hi Mary
I have found a bit of information that you may be able to use.
has under Public Member Stories a Charles Trueman Fillmore 1885-1953. I don't have a membership to ancestry so I couldn't access any more information through them but there is obviously a family tree on that site. You may want to pursue that avenue once you get more information.
has an Edward Fillmore and family of German origin in the Sackville area. He was born in 1836. This information was listed on this site and accessed through the 1881 Canadian Census.
This site also has an Edward A. Fillmore born 1860, Sackville Westmorland, New Brunswick.
Also a Walter Claire Filmore Born 24 June 1886 in Nova Scotia married to Olive Humber.
is a great site for census information for all across Canada.
Under the 1901 Canada Census transcription I found the following:
Thomas W. Foster age 52, District Brandon MB; subdistrict: Woodworth; Enum. District q5, page 1, line 36
Mariah Foster, age 39, line 32
Eliza Foster, age 21, line 33
Roy Foster, age 9, line 34
Vera Perl, age 1, line 35
Walter S. Fillmore, age 15, line 36.
I think this is your Mary and Walter.
The Tingley's are also listed in this site as living in Brandon.

I can't tell if Walter Claire and Walter S. are the same person but they were born in the same year.

This same site has the 1911 Canadian census:
Maria J. Foster age 50, Manitoba, District Marquette, Subdistrict Township 25, enumeration district 67, page 11, line 20
Vera P. Foster age 11, line 21
Bedford Foster, age 9, line 22
There is no mention of Thomas so I presume he died sometime between the birth of Bedford and the 1911 census.

The beauty of this site is that you can put the surname in and then check for all of Canada as well as the alternate spellings for the names.

I checked the cemeteries for Sackville NB and didn't come up with anything that would be useful at this time.

Posted by: Mary Posted on: 29. Apr 2008 at 14:03

Thanks for the offer,...  this is what we think we know about him.  

Charles Trueman Fillmore
b. February 10, 1885 in
Lower Sackville, NB

His father's name was Edward and his mother's name was Mary.  Mary was from Springhill, NS.  We also think that Edward was a miner.  The mystery is that "Edward" died suddenly and Mary and her two children (Charles who was 5 or 6 years old and Walter) moved west to Rapid City, MB and then the Brandon area in Manitoba with a family by the name of Tingley after Edward's death.  In 1899 Mary re-married a Thomas Foster in Manitoba.

What we cannot seem to find out is who was Edward Fillmore and his wife Mary?  What was Mary's maiden name?  What's also interesting is that we have a 2 ft by 1 1/2 ft picture of him in an oval frame, but we know so little about him!!!

To further complicate things, Charles Fillmore always told his family that his ancesters were "Pennsylvania Dutch".  Which, when I looked that up, meant they were from the USA via German rather than English descent?

If you find out anything, I would be very grateful!!!

Thank you!

Posted by: cathy Posted on: 29. Apr 2008 at 12:47
Was wondering who your grandfather was.& grandmother?Maybe something I can find from Three Thousand Fillmore's so soon Forgotten
book,& maybe it would be helpful to have their son's name as well. your father?
Posted by: annapolis Posted on: 27. Apr 2008 at 18:41
Hi again

I would start with your grandparent on the Fillmore side of your family. If you have the names of the bride and groom, the date and place of marriage and can access the marriage certificate, you may find valuable information about your great grandparents. If your grandparents were married in Nova Scotia you may be able to access the information on the Nova Scotia Genealogy site. It is much harder to trace back female relatives but it is not impossible. also has a great deal of information that you may be able to use. If you can find out what your great grandmother's name and place of residence was in 1901 and 1911, the best place to look is at the census information at ancestry or the archives at collections Canada.
If you find more information, let me know and I will do what I can to help you.
Posted by: Mary Posted on: 27. Apr 2008 at 14:02
Thank you for looking Cathy and Val!  I will do some more researching and trying to confirm his name is "Edward", etc.  I am relying on information from others and mostly "hear say".

"Edward's" wife is a bit of a mystery, she married 3 times in her life and was only in the Maritimes during her youth and early adult life, she then moved to Manitoba.  I am even having trouble confirming (in a data base) her first name!!!  Let alone her maiden name!!

O'well - on wards and up wards!!!

Again, thank you!

Posted by: cathy Posted on: 26. Apr 2008 at 22:31
I didn't find anything on an Edward Fillmore either,I checked the Book,Three Thousand Fillmores so soon Forgotton & didn't find Edward who possibly died in 1891.Did he marry? Do you know who his father was? Mother?& I didn't find him in any of my 200 cemetery listings I have.,
Posted by: annapolis Posted on: 26. Apr 2008 at 21:41
I checked the name against the miners who died in the explosion and his name is not listed. I couldn't find his name on any of the lists of deceased miners.
I also checked his name on the historical records of Nova Scotia and didn't find anything.
These sites may be helpful to you:
You can work backwards from your birth certificate to your father's etc. You may find that the name commonly used is not the name on the birth or marriage certificate. Nicknames are often used instead of proper forenames. On the NS genealogy site there are Fillmores listed as being born in Sackville, NB. These may be brothers of Edward and may be helpful in finding more info. If I come across anything else I will let you know. Do you know what his approximate birth date was, when he married, his spouses maiden name and how many children they may have had.
Good luck
Posted by: Mary Posted on: 25. Apr 2008 at 20:20
Hi, my name is Mary and I am looking for information on my Great Grandfather Edward Fillmore.  He died in 1890 or 1891.  I have very little information on him other than he died when my grandfather was 5 years old.  I know my grandfather was born in Sackville, NB and my grandmother came from Springhill, NS.  I was wondering if he was one of the 125 miners who died in 1891.  Does anyone know how I can find this out?