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Debate on Canadian Hero Monuments (Read 1974 times)

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Battle River Country
Debate on Canadian Hero Monuments
27. May 2003 at 01:55
Quoting Mr. John Bryden (Wentworth-Burlington, Lib.):

(In debate on Private Members Business, 2 June,  1998,

to wit:

Mr. Inky Mark (Dauphin-Swan River, Ref.) moved:  

That the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage prepare and report a bill to this House, in accordance with Standing Order 68(4)(b), no later than ninety (90) days following adoption of this motion, that will create a memorial recognizing the outstanding contribution of Lieutenant Colonel William ( Billy ) Barker (deceased), V.C., World War I flying ace, and hero of Canada and the Commonwealth.)

...  Fortunately, I assure the member for Dauphin-Swan River, there is one very excellent memorial to Billy Barker, Billy Bishop, Wop May and Roy Brown. It is a series of novels by Donald Jack that are loosely called the Bandy Papers. Three Cheers For Me is one of the titles and there are several others.  I say to all Canadians that if they want to read good Canadian literature about Canadian fictional heroes taken from the real life stories of the real heroes they should read the Bandy Papers by Donald Jack. They are some of the most amusing reading I have ever read.


Interestingly enough, this was declared a non-votable item and was dropped from the Order Paper.  I don't find myself agreeing with too many politicians, but his comments on "The Bandy Papers" are rather nice to find in the Hansard.
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