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Donald L. Jack 1924-2003 (Read 4514 times)

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Re: Donald L. Jack 1924-2003
Reply #30 - 12. Aug 2013 at 12:55
I ran across one of my Donald Jack books, That's Me in the Middle, while cleaning the basement. Made me think of this place where I posted in this thread just over 10 years ago. I wrote of how Donald Jack and Bartholomew Bandy influenced me.

Well, I had a daughter in June 2007, and a son in February 2010, Carter Jack Hansen. Yes, the "Jack" is in honour of Donald.

Carter went into cardiac arrest in May of 2012. He had a heart tumor that nobody knew about. The 30 minutes of CPR saved him, but he suffered a significant brain injury. We spent 6 months in hospitals with our little guy.  The tumor is inoperable, and is held in check with beta blockers. He can't walk or talk any more, and he eats through a tube, but he is home. And, he's improving.

Not long after we got him home, he had another cardiac arrest. We had an AED with us from the Mikey Network, and saved him ourselves this time.

CityTV News and CTV News came to interview us. Realize that it is incredibly rare to survive a cardiac arrest at home. Carter has survived two.

So, that's my little Carter Jack. His mom wouldn't let me name him Bartholomew. Or Bandy.

Thought maybe someone would want to know, that when you name a kid after Donald Jack, he'll be hilarious, he'll beat incredible odds, and he'll be one hell of a fighter.

Something tells me he'd be a crack shot, too.
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