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Davison/Davidson family (Read 1031 times)

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Davison/Davidson family
24. Apr 2006 at 01:47
When the disaster happened in the 50's, my mother mentioned having cousins in Springhill. I thought no more of it until recently when I saw part of a documentary on History Channel. They were interviewing a man who had survived the disaster and had moved to B.C. or Alberta where he had then survived another mining disaster. I heard them call him Mr. Davison(or Davidson). By the time I started watching intently, it was too late to get his full name or where he lived. He would have been in his seventies or early eighties when the interview was done. Anyway, he looked enough like my mother's brothers to have been a twin for one of them.
My mother was Virginia Muriel Davison, born 1916, parents James Davison and Alice Reilly, in Montreal. Her father was a glass blower, and had lived in the U.S. at some point. Family legend has it that the family name was originally Davidson, but had been changed. Anybody know anything about this family?
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