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pettigrewFamily History (Read 2223 times)
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pettigrewFamily History
25. Apr 2006 at 22:09
looking for history on  joseph pettigrew;  born 1882.aug10. son, my father joseph pettigrew,born july151925. springhill nova scotia. canada.daughter sandra marie pettigrew. born springhill, nova living in edmonton,alberta. canada.born march 4 1959. in springhill ,nova scotia. canada.
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Bible Hill, Nova Scotia
Re: pettigrewFamily History
Reply #1 - 27. Apr 2006 at 12:36
Household: 1881 Canadian census

Name  Marital Status Gender Ethnic Origin Age Birthplace Occupation Religion

James PETTYGREW   M   Male   Irish   32   Nova Scotia   Day Labourer   C. Presbyterian  
Sarah PETTYGREW   M   Female   Irish   23   Nova Scotia      C. Presbyterian  
Hannah J. PETTYGREW      Female   Irish   7   Nova Scotia      C. Presbyterian  
Robert M. PETTYGREW      Male   Irish   5   Nova Scotia      C. Presbyterian  
Mary A. PETTYGREW      Female   Irish   3   Nova Scotia      C. Presbyterian  
William P. PETTYGREW      Male   Irish   <1 Born: Jan; 2/12   Nova Scotia      C. Presbyterian  


Source Information:
 Census Place Mills, Cumberland, Nova Scotia
 Family History Library Film   1375813
 NA Film Number   C-13177
 District   22
 Sub-district   M
 Division   1
 Page Number   55
 Household Number   237

1901 Canadian census

33 Pettygrew James M   Head M Jun 24 1846 54
33 Pettygrew Sarah F   Wife M Nov 20 1856 44
33 Pettygrew Hannah F   Daughter S Nov 18 1874 26
33 Pettygrew Fred J M   Son S Mar 1 1883 17
33 Pettygrew Joseph O. M   Son S Aug 10 1885 15
33 Pettygrew Carey A. F   Daughter S Oct 8 1887 13
33 Pettygrew Gurty F   Daughter S Dec 27 1898 2
33 Pettygrew John M. M   Adopted Son S Jun 30 1900  


Source Information: 1901 Census of Canada
Subdistrict: Springhill (PD 24), CUMBERLAND, NOVA SCOTIA
District Number: 30
Subdistrict Number: v
Archives Microfilm: T-6449

1911 Canadian census

Unless someone else is researching your family, information after 1911 usually has to be searched hardcopy.

Good luck with your family search!

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Re: pettigrewFamily History
Reply #2 - 29. Apr 2006 at 01:57
Hi Sandra I am a g granddaugther of Mary Alice pettigrew can you tell me if yyou know of a Indian connection in the family.
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Re: pettigrewFamily History
Reply #3 - 01. Feb 2007 at 14:16
I have the Ancestory of the Pettigrews.but right now I have some on James m/20 Oct.1873 Sarah Ann Rector d/04 Apr.1923 they had.
1,Hannah,m/09 Oct.1902 Samuel Fisher of Stewiacke
2,Alice May 1878-m/10 Feb.1900 Ezra Merry
3,William ,06 Feb.1880 ,m/12 May 1900 Margaret Bennett.
4,Fred James d/19 Jan.1954
5,Joseph Alonzo ,m/29 May 1909 Lizzie Barret
6,Carey/Kate,m/01 July 1908 Charles Joseph of Belmont.
8.John M.,adopted son.
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