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Alyward Family (Read 1813 times)
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Alyward Family
14. Dec 2006 at 03:58
Does anyone know any history of the Alyward family? I am trying to find Desmond. I have some information for him. I believe he is still in Springhill.
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Re: Alyward Family
Reply #1 - 29. Jan 2007 at 14:17
I have some Aylward data
John (Ian)Aylward h/w Abigail,had
James R.Aylward b/10 June 1847 in Five Islands,h/w Maggie J.McAloney b/06 Feb.1861-21 Nov.1937,m/21 Feb.1881 .d/o Hugh & Martha;had
1,Georgie 02 Oct.1882-
2,Mary 18 Jan.1884-
3,Isabell 14 May 1886-
4,Lillian 19 June 1890                                             5,Stanley 19 June 1893-04 Feb.1946,m/15 Nov.1913 Jennie Davis d/o Samuel & Annie
6,Agnes 21 Oct.1895-
7,Lester 27 Jan.1899-
8 Hubert Eugene "Herb"29 Dec.1906-31 Aug.1971,m/1934 Lillian Mae Davis 1905-25 Apr.1972 d/o Samuel ,she m/1st/J.h.McCormick
Yes there's a Robert Desmond Aylward in Springhill.also
a Mrs Lillian Aylward ,&  a Herman Aylward living in Five Islands.
Stanley ,had  ason Ralph 16 July 1918-23 Oct.1958 m/Eva Leona Desmond 1912-29 May 1970 d/o John Desmond.
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