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George Colborne and Margery Weatherhead (Read 1587 times)

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George Colborne and Margery Weatherhead
17. Jan 2007 at 18:31
Does anyone have any info on these people?They had at least 3 children that I can find:James,Charles and Alexander.The children were born in the River Phillip area.
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Re: George Colborne and Margery Weatherhead
Reply #1 - 04. Feb 2007 at 14:38
I just forgot where I left off.,
William Colburn 24 Feb.1832-18 Apr.1886,m/Mary Amelia Hyatt;had
1,Sarah Amelia 23 Mar.1856-30 Nov.1947 m/Fred Schurman& James Bent Scott.
2,Sarah Jane Nov.1844- m/Joseph S.Linkletter.had
 1,Lilah Matilda 03 Feb.1866-
 2,Charles Henry,22 May 1869-
 3,Alice Eliza ,09 Apr.1871-
 4,George Ernest,06 June.1873,-m/Feb.1881 Bessie ,had Carl Sept.1901;Norman Feb.1903;Erma ,Jan.1905;Lester,May 1908;& Herman Mar.1910;;
 5,Margaret Elizabeth 22 Nov.1876-
 6,Albert E.June 1883-
 7,Alexander Apr.1884-
 8,James Currie Oct.1897.
3,Susan Ann 1856-m/William Henry Stagg b.1855-
  1,Priscilla Amelia Stagg 26 SEpt.1875
4,Lucinda 1862;m/Robert E,Adams
5,John C.17 Jan.1865
6,William Wilber 22 Feb.1868-m/Maggie J.Stewart,b/1872
7Effie Louise ,04 Oct.1870,m/Edward H._______,b/1870
8Permilla Augusta ,25 Apr.1873,m/Rufus Scott
9,James Edgar 04 Mar1876-19 May 1942,m/Annie Coon
& Carrie Gould & Annie Smith,& Charlotte Ethel Schurman.;had Violet Fretta ,b/11 Apr.1902-m/Michael McPherson Wilson 22 Nov.1892-24 May 1949 & m/Irvin G.Oak.
10George Walmer 17 May 1879-17 Jan.1941m/Isabel Lanie Hanson 09 July 1875-07 Feb.1966.had,1a, Leeta May 01 May 1902-16 Apr.1967,m/George Calder 17 Dec.1885-06 June 1969.had,1, George Walmer 11 June 1921-11 July 1987,m/Marjorie______,
2,Mary LeEtta 21 June 1922-
3,Susan 28 Nov.1926
4,Donald 17 Aug.1928
5,John Andrew 01 Feb.1932,m/Catherine Margaret Dickson ,b/03 Mar 1932
6.Isabell Vesta 01 Dec.1925.
2a,Walmer Ren.21 Nov.1907,m/Bessie_____,& Lavila___
3a,George Ronald 10 Feb.1915.,m/Nora d/08 july 1995
4a,James Frederick 12 Jan.1912-07 Mar 1972
11,May 1882-,m/Martin Hunter
12,frank W.1882 ,m/Alma Main b.1879
then we start again on Thomas the 7th/generation.

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