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Jack's RAF career (Read 1565 times)

Jack's RAF career
09. Mar 2011 at 15:52
 I've read D. Jack was in the RAF during WWII. Does anyone know in what he did?
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Re: Jack's RAF career
Reply #1 - 09. Mar 2011 at 19:47
Jack was an AC or Aircraftman (colloquially called an "erk", from the abbreviation Airc) from '43-'47, specializing in radio communications. In Hitler Versus Me, Jack actually makes a cameo appearance as a young AC2 in the chapter "Lord Houghton and Friends", in which Jack (the character in HvM) repeats an awkward moment on a train which happened first to Bandy in the First World War (in Three Cheers for Me). Presumably the incident on the train was something that really happened to Jack when he was an AC2 in WW2.
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