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Message started by Greg_Brown on 23. Feb 2003 at 13:37

Post by Greg_Brown on 23. Feb 2003 at 13:37

I am researching the Terris family which arrived in Springhill between 1882 and 1900 from Hillsborough, N.B.  Would like to correspond with anyone who has ties to this family.
Greg Brown

Title: Re: TERRIS
Post by Sheri McNutt on 27. Mar 2003 at 23:32

Hi. I am from Springhill and we have a Terris family tree album.

Do you have any names. My Great grandfather was William B Terris.

Title: Re: TERRIS
Post by Greg_Brown on 02. Apr 2003 at 20:37

Hi Sherri
I assume you are Bill's daughter?  I have lots of names back to 1759.  Email me at :

and I will send my website to you.  By the way, Joy and I lived in Springhill until four years ago.  You may remember Joy she worked at the CIBC.

Title: Re: TERRIS
Post by angela livingstone on 04. Jun 2003 at 02:03

Hi there,
I am originally from Springhill and my great grandfather was Herbert S. Terris...which Terris family are you related to?

Title: Re: TERRIS
Post by Greg Brown on 08. Jun 2003 at 01:56

Hi Angela
I would be interested in your line so we could compare notes.  I have some of the descendants of H.S. Terris.

Title: Re: TERRIS
Post by Barrie_MacKinnon on 19. Aug 2003 at 05:29

Hello Sheri,
Your name is quite familiar, are you Billy's daugther?
Just happened to be looking through some of the listings when I came across the one for Terris.  I know that Ross's wife was a Terris and curiosty got the best of me.  Saw your listing so thought I would take a chance and say "hello".  Please let me know if I have the right family.

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