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Message started by Barry Fisher on 09. Jan 2004 at 11:56

Title: Fisher
Post by Barry Fisher on 09. Jan 2004 at 11:56

I am looking for information about my deceased fathers(Robert Fisher)Family i think his birth was registered in
Springhill on 23rd May 1930 (born16th April 1912).
His fathers name was Samuel Fisher mothers name Hannah Fisher(nee Barret).
If anyone can help i would be extremely grateful as i live
in England Where my father emigrated to after WW2.
Thanks Barry Fisher

Title: Re: Fisher
Post by Nick on 24. Jan 2004 at 21:15

       Did your father, Robert have brothers David, Fred, Edgar, Reuben and sister Ida ? Their parents were Samuel & Hannah (Pettigrew) Fisher. Did Hannah marry twice ?

Ian Paul
Sackville, NB

Title: Re: Fisher
Post by befpadac on 26. Jan 2004 at 10:10

Thanks for reply, the trouble is my father would never talk about his past so it is very sketchy.
As far as we could make out he had quite a number of brothers & sisters and his mother Hannah was married  at least twice. We also think that Hannah was either Irish or of Irish descent which does not help a great deal as i have found loads of Baretts(various spellings) in the Canadian 1881 census of Irish descent.
He told us that he would never return to Springhill because of the way the Mayor treated his family, we do not know what he meant by this.
I am going to contact the Canadian Military personnel records office to see if i can find out any more about his parents from his Military record.
If you can help any more i would be very grateful.
Cheers Barry Fisher.

Title: Re: Fisher
Post by Ian on 26. Jan 2004 at 13:49

        If you would send send me your e-mail address I will return the information I have, on Fishers.


Title: Re: Fisher
Post by befpadac on 26. Jan 2004 at 14:48

My email address is
Thanks a lot Barry

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