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Message started by Will Obendorf on 31. Jul 2004 at 02:28

Title: Stalin vs. Me
Post by Will Obendorf on 31. Jul 2004 at 02:28

I have not visited the site for over a year, but I am curious:

Stalin vs. Me was left unfinished, but does anyone know how far along Mr. Jack was when he passed away?

If there is an outline, and some chapters to start with, could a writer from this forum do it?  We have all read the books many times...perhaps one of us could take a crack at finishing the work?

Any takers?

And by the way, why isn't this a series of movies?  These would be the most entertaining and funny movies ever made!

Will Obendorf

Title: Re: Stalin vs. Me
Post by Forum Administrator on 31. Jul 2004 at 18:21

I gather there was a rough draft that the publisher was looking at last summer, but I haven't heard whether or not it was judged to be suitable for publication.

It would be a complicated matter for someone else to attempt to finish something like this, if only because of the various parties who may have a stake in the manuscript (the publisher's contractual rights, the estate's ownership of the copyrights, etc.).

If the manuscript was mostly finished, I imagine there would be a core of fans who would buy it in any form. However, an incomplete book is unlikely to be published by a large publisher (Douglas Adams' "Salmon of Doubt" notwithstanding). Still, a small press or e-book publisher could offer an unfinished version for fans.

Title: Re: Stalin vs. Me
Post by Forum Administrator on 24. Apr 2005 at 14:47

A New Bandy Book
  As many of you may be aware, Donald Jack worked on a sequel to Hitler vs Me, which was to be entitled Stalin vs Me. Unfortunately, after his death in 2003, publication of most of the volumes in the Bandy Papers series was cancelled, and it looked as though Stalin vs Me, the final volume of the Bandy Papers, would never make it to print. Since then, we've been inquiring into the status of the manuscript and found that a complete draft of the book exists. Sybertooth's offer to publish the manuscript was accepted by Mr Jack's literary estate, and so you can expect to be able to read Stalin vs Me by the end of the year (projected publication date: Fall 2005). Stay tuned for further updates!
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