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Message started by Lee Varty on 18. Oct 2004 at 03:39

Title: Melansons on Chapel Street
Post by Lee Varty on 18. Oct 2004 at 03:39


My mother's family lived on Chapel Street for many years, but my mom (Joyce Melanson) can't remember the house number. My grandmother's name was Mathilde Melanson (later LeBlanc).

I will be in Halifax the end of October and am contemplating a trip to Springhill to see my 'roots.' If anyone knows the house number of my mother's/grandmother's house when they lived there, I'd be very grateful if you'd share. I'd like to see the outside just to say I've seen where my mother grew up. I'd also like to be able to take a picture of the outside and bring it back to her here in Alberta.

I hope someone knows the house number! Thanks!

Title: Re: Melansons on Chapel Street
Post by Carl Demings on 21. Oct 2004 at 21:31

Hello! Lee ...

Audrey Ryan, secretary of the Springhill Heritage Group, supplied this answer:

"I asked Mary White about the Melanson house on Chapel Street. She said that it was 26 and is for sale. Matilda was her aunt. Mary is about 84 years old so she would know. I saw the house."

Audrey's email address is shown on this website.

Have a great visit.

-=Carl Demings=-

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