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Message started by Nancy Rourke on 10. Mar 2005 at 14:10

Title: Genealogy
Post by Nancy Rourke on 10. Mar 2005 at 14:10

Hi everyone. I am new here so bear with me and maybe we can help each other out. (smiles)
I am looking for any information on any Doherty's or Mc/MacFadden's. I am at a loss for a marriage of George Doherty and Harriet (Hattie) Emberley and am trying desperately to find this marriage certificate. Hattie lived in Nfld. (Spoon Cove, now called Epworth) and George lived in NB (Sackville). He was a captain of a ship called the Magellan. I have posted several queries to the NFLD query board and even got in touch with someone who went to the church archives to search out this marriage cert....but to no avail. We always thought that they would have been married in NFLD.....but maybe they weren' now I am wondering????? Also there is no record of a marriage in NB  I am at a loss....
Any leads would be greatly appreciated...
Thanks and everyone have a great day.
Nancy R.

Title: Re: Genealogy
Post by Catherine Dickie on 17. Mar 2005 at 16:52

I found a Hugh Docherty,age 30 w/ Rebecca age 28,Joseph age 8,Eliza Bell age 6,George age 4,Frederick age 2.,in the Sackville 1861 census.I don't have the between census 1871-1881 but have the 1891 census.It says George Doherty was age32;h/w Hattie age 22 son Hugh was 5 months old.George was a mate on a sailing vessel.Pres.Hattie b/N.F.L.D.,Methodist.I also have the two marriage register's for Westmotland County ,N.B., but no marriage appears for them.I would think that a marriage would possibly be in a church record ,as these books only go up to 1888,Catherine Dickie

Title: Re: Genealogy
Post by Catherine Dickie on 18. Mar 2005 at 13:49

Hello once again;
I found the 1901 census on line for Sackville N.B.
George Doherty b/18 April 1858- in 1901 ae.42.
Hattie                 b/29 April 1869-in  1901 ae.31
Hugh B.              b/07 Nov.1890- in   1901 ae 10
Edna P.               b/05 May 1898-in    1901 ae.2.
Lily V.                  b/11 Aug.1900-in     1901 ae _,
Household #103.Sackville e-2 ,page 12 ,line count 50.
Catherine Dickie.

Title: Re: Genealogy
Post by Nancy Rourke on 18. Apr 2005 at 23:50

I have all the information that you are sending to me.....appreciate it very much. (smiles). But I am looking for more information in regards the ship, Magellan,  he was captain of. I guess I am looking for a log book or something of that nature to see where he went on his journey's while he was captain of the ship. \Thanks again for your help and your quick can email me at the above address if you find out anything more on the ship. .

Title: Re: Genealogy
Post by Danielle Bizub on 31. Aug 2005 at 20:52

Hello everyone, I am looking for information on my great-great grandparents.  There names were Hugh and Mary Docherty.  They arrived in nova scotia in or around 1905.  My great-great grandmother mary died in child birth about 1907 or 1910, we are not sure.  Following her death my grandfather went back to denmark with all of thier children.  They lived and mary died in Springhill, Nova Scotia but landed in Halifax.  If anyone has any information on how I could go about finding more search engines or how I could find more info I would appreciate it.  Thank You so much.

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