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Message started by Avis Veniot Ross on 02. Jun 2005 at 14:51

Title: John Joseph Chisholm
Post by Avis Veniot Ross on 02. Jun 2005 at 14:51

My grandfather, Joseph Ronald Chisholm, son of John Joseph Chisholm, and his wife, Maggy, was born in Springhill December 8, 1889.  His mother died sometime after the birth of his sister Sara in August 1892 and the dying years of century, when he remarried Martha Scott of NB.  The family is listed as #478 in 1891 census.  John's birth date is August 23, 1864, and Maggy is listed as being 29.  They were R. Catholic, but church has no records available.  Desparate to find out details on Maggy, my great grandmother.  Full maiden name, where and when born, parents, etc.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Title: Re: John Joseph Chisholm
Post by Richard Ward on 15. Jul 2005 at 13:51

Hello Avis,

I am connected to the Chisholm Clan in Springhill also.
I am having trouble finding any "Joseph" Chisholms.
My Mom is daughter of Harmon Carrigan and Mary [Chisholm] Carrigan.

I do have some info on my Chisholms back to 1803 - when they arrived in Antigonish.

Anyway - can you offer any more clues? Maybe more about your grandfather's siblings or children?

Finally Avis, just so we read your post correctly, it is your Great Grandfather (John) who is married to the "Maggy" you are searching?

Richard Ward

Title: Re: John Joseph Chisholm
Post by Avis Veniot Ross on 23. Jul 2005 at 16:18

Hi.  Thanks for your reply.  Donald Chisholm came originally from Scotland to Antigonish in 1823.  His son was John, and the family was in Springhill where they mined.  I am unaware of Marys in the family tree.  My grandfather had a sister by that name, but I have data on her.  Her husband was a MacKinnon.  Another brother of John's was Alexander, born 2, 1870, and his wife, Catherine, born July 28, 1877.  They had sons, James, Oct. 19,1895, Arthur, Sept. 21, 1897, and Hugh July 19, 1900.  I am wondering if their descendants are still in Springhill.  

Title: Re: John Joseph Chisholm
Post by Ross on 21. Sep 2005 at 15:20

Hi again.  Have found further info on the Chisholms indicating that a Donald Chisholm who arrived in Antigonish in 1803 from Strathglass might be the Chisholm you referred to.  Born in Strathglass about 1735, died in Ant. Co. about 1810.  Came from the "Gobha" branch, and was actually the grandfather of John "Schoolhouse" Chisholm, who was in turn, grandfather of Joseph Chisholm, my grandfather.  Confused?  I think the Springhill connection is much stronger than first thought.  Would appreciate hearing from you again if any of this makes sense to you.  I do know that John "Schoolhouse" Chisholm belonged to the "Gobha" branch of the family.  Thanks.

Title: Re: John Joseph Chisholm
Post by Stewart chisholm on 24. Oct 2005 at 00:40

hi here is more info for you my grandfather was frank chisholm,born 1901 springhill Nova Scotia ,franks father was big John Chisholm his height was around 6 foot 7 , he moved to Inverness Nova Scotia when they started mining coal in Inverness,John was married twice his first wife died while having a baby his second wife was a Matha Scott,i have alot more information if yuo would like it,they belong to the branch of Chisholms called The Schoolhouse chisholms

Title: Re: John Joseph Chisholm
Post by Avis Veniot Ross on 04. Nov 2005 at 01:05

hi Stewart:  You and I are related.  My mother Helen Chisholm Veniot was a niece of your grandfathers.  She was the daughter of Joseph Ronald, the eldest child of Big John and his wife Maggy.  He had one sister, Sarah, born August 1, 1892.  Is this when Maggy died?  Who was she?  Where did she come from? Was she John's first wife?  There is reason to believe he married 3 times, not twice, although the children came from 2 marriages.  Have been looking for ages for the answers to these questions. with not much success.  Would love to hear what you have on the subject.  Please let me hear from you again.

Title: Re: John Joseph Chisholm
Post by Avis Veniot Ross on 18. Nov 2005 at 00:25

Hi Stewart:  We are related;  there can be no doubt about that.  Are you Al's son?  Velma and Jack gave me some family information, but I can always use more.  I thought I still had the use of the e-mail address I used to contact you.  Apparently I don't anymore so would ask that if you want to contact me, you do it using the captioned e-mail address.  I am lacking a lot of information about the younger members of the family and hope you can help with that.  I tried to gather as much data as I could about the far-back family members, believing that the younger generations would be around to ask later.  Hope to hear from you soon.

Title: Re: John Joseph Chisholm
Post by stewart chisholm on 28. Nov 2005 at 00:21

Hi i am looking for more info that i have on maggie when i find the info i will post here for you ,sent along my email address also contact me.Yes jack is my uncle


Title: Re: John Joseph Chisholm
Post by Chisholm MacKinnon on 19. Dec 2005 at 17:55

Hi.My name is Joseph Chisholm MacKinnon. I don't normally use my first name. I'm told I am named after a cousin Joe Chisholm who may have lived in the Pictou area. My grandmother was Sarah Chisholm. She died when she was approx 32. My grandfather was Angus MacKinnon and lived in Inverness...Do you know who Joe Chisholm was and can you provide any information..Hi are things in Inverness?

Title: Re: John Joseph Chisholm
Post by Avis Veniot Ross on 14. Feb 2006 at 22:49

Hi.  Sorry for the delay in answering your question.  Joseph Chisholm and Sara Chisholm MacKinnon were brother and sister.  Joseph was my grandfather, and Sara was the only full sibling he had.  Joseph was born in Springhill December 8, 1889, and Sara in Springhill on August 1, 1892.  Their father was John Joseph Chisholm and their mother's name was Maggie Chisholm.  Sometime between Sara's birth and the turn of the century, Maggie died and John married Martha Scott.  They had 10 more children, Frank being the eldest.  Sara or Sadie as she was known married and Angus MacKinnon and I believe they had 4 children before her early death.  I am in desparate need of information on these children of hers.  Any data would be appreciated.  

Title: Re: John Joseph Chisholm
Post by cameron1 on 19. Dec 2006 at 14:08

Hi Avis. Sorry for the very late reply.I lost contact with the site. Sara's son (my dad) Alexander or Sandy as he was known to everyone, died at the age 66..19 years ago. Dad had three sisters. Florence, Mary and Catherine(Kay). Florence died approx 5 years ago. Mary lives in Inverness and Aunt Kay lives here in Dartmouth. If you wanted any more information on the family I would invite you to call me at 902-424-1632 or at home 434-9833. Look forward to hearing from you.

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