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Message started by bob miller on 14. Jul 2005 at 20:46

Title: oxford
Post by bob miller on 14. Jul 2005 at 20:46

Stumbled across your webssite and, being a native of Oxford, I wouind it quite interesting. I remember reading Danny Boutlier's poetry and had a book in my childhood home. Have no idea where it went to but have often though of it during the advancing (all too rapidly) years. Does anayone know if there is a similar site for Oxford and area??? I have looked and not found anything.
Cheers...Bob Miller

Title: Re: oxford
Post by Catherine Dickie on 05. Sep 2005 at 15:45

 no I am not aware of a site for Oxford,at one time there used to be a Historical Society in Oxford ,that is before Computers.but this was disbanded & I beleive the Artifects were taken to Truro.,It was in the old jail on Ellis is now the Senior Citizens Center.The Oxford Journal has a web
hope this is of some help to you,
Catherine Dickie

Title: Re: oxford
Post by bob miller on 29. Sep 2005 at 18:29

Thank you for your reply to my Oxford question. What a shame if Oxford artifacts were moved to Truro. I recall the late Victor Marchant used to publish items from the past in The Oxford Journal...and it would be nice to see some of those stories. IT would be very nice to see an Oxford Heritage group re-established.
Again, many thanks....bob miller

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