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Message started by vroes on 11. May 2006 at 16:33

Title: Stalin vs Me in Hardcover
Post by vroes on 11. May 2006 at 16:33

Hi all,
I have been a fan of Donald Jack and the Bandy books since the 70's, when a school friend introduced me to Three Cheers For Me. He picked it up because he was into flying, and there was a biplane on the cover. What a find! Anyways, since then I have read all of the books many times, assembled my own set of hardcovers, and introduced the series to my children, who, incidentally, like the books as much as I do. I still laugh out loud after all these years.

I am putting together a set of first edition hard covers for our high school senior as a graduation gift, and can only find "Stalin vs Me" in paperback. Was it ever published as a hardcover? Any plans to do so?


Title: Re: Stalin vs Me in Hardcover
Post by Forum Administrator on 11. May 2006 at 18:35

Hi Vince,

No, we never did release a hardcover of Stalin vs Me - it went straight to paperback, since that was the most economical way to publish. It's printed with good quality acid-free paper, though, so the paperback should be reasonably sturdy. I expect paperback will be the only format we'll issue it in (unless someday there's a special edition, or something of that sort). The rest of our re-issues - for example, Hitler Versus Me in September 2006 - will be paperback also. Though, to add to the confusion, our PB HvsM will differ slightly from the hardcover in that it will include an additional short story, as well as the full text of HvsM.


Title: Re: Stalin vs Me in Hardcover
Post by DH82 on 27. Sep 2007 at 15:50

I second the call for a hardcover edition (to match my collection of the rest of the series, natch!).

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