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Message started by Nikki on 28. May 2008 at 18:41

Title: Everett Carr Amon
Post by Nikki on 28. May 2008 at 18:41

Researching genealogy relating to the Amon family of Springhill NS.

EC Amon was stationed in the UK before departing for France and lost his lift in Belgium 5/10/1944.

Any information gladly received....would visit but Salisbury UK, to Springhill Canada is quite a trek!

Title: Re: Everett Carr Amon
Post by annapolis on 28. May 2008 at 21:02

I was able to find some information for you.
under the 1901 and 1911 Canadian census, many of the Amon's are listed and also where they were living. There were too many to list here.
Soldiers of the First World War
has three Amon's listed that are probably all brothers, Alexander, John and William. Don't get confused by the birth dates, many people could barely read or write and many of the birth dates are incorrect.

has numerous birth, marriage and deaths listed that you can actually look at the original documents on line. It will give you parents, places and dates.

Good luck

Title: Re: Everett Carr Amon
Post by annapolis on 28. May 2008 at 21:29

Hello again,

I checked the Moss Diaries and thereis more information:

Everett Carr Amon (C.S.M.)
died Belgium 5/10/1944, Killed in Action
wife: Annie Shubbert
son of Wendell and Blanche

Wendell Amon
b. Dec. 3, 1885 Bass River, NS
son of Thomas and Rebecca nee McNeil
d. March 13, 1936, Springhill, NS
m. Nov. 23, 1904to Blanche Smith
buried in Hillside Cemetery, Springhill, NS

1. Dorothy Beatrice Amon
b. August 11, 1908 in Nova Scotia
d. Sept. 2, 1927 Springhill, NS

2. Ivan Ralph "Mike" Amon
b. Sept. 17, 1922 Springhill
d. March 6, 1975 Camp Hill Hospital, Halifax, NS
m. June 4, 1946 to Margaret Gallagher
buried Hillside Cemetery, Springhill

3. George Allison "Lindy" Amon
b. Springhill, NS
d. 26/2/1982, ge 54, Halifax, NS
Wife: Betty Ann Purdy
buried Hillside Cemetery
Occupation: Welder, Robb Engineering for 28 years
daughter - Chriss
tepdaughters - Elaine (J. B. Gillis), Susan (Greg MacDonald), June MacGregor, stepson - James MacGregor

            Chriss Ann Amon
             b. Springhill
             d. 29/10/1987 Halifax, NS, age 14, Grade 9 student
             buried Hillside Cemetery
             sister - Elaine (R. Phalen), Susan Thoroton (Thornton), Jane
             MacGregor, Stepbrother - James

4. Harold Amon
b. Springhill
d. 26/03/1985 Penticton, BC, age 59
buried in British Columbia
Can. Armed Forces 22 years
Income Tax Dept. 10 years
wife: Mary
daughters - Cathy and Shannon
son - Wendell

5. Layton Clyde "Pete" Amon
b. Parsboro
d. 22/09/1990 Springhill, age 70
occupation - coalminer, Tour Guide at Springhill Miner's Museum
wife - Florence Isabel Rushton
        b. Londonderry, NS, d. 8/10/1992, Springhill
daughter - Lynn (Francis Robinson)
son - Delbert C.

6. Jean Marjorie Burden (Amon)
b. Parrsboro
d. 18/3/1992 Springhill, NS, age 87
1st husband - Wm. McKay
2nd husband - Allister K. Burden
daughter - Evelyn (Victor "thingy" Ward)
son - Alexander

Title: Re: Everett Carr Amon
Post by annapolis on 28. May 2008 at 21:57

I found some more info in the Moss Diaries

More children of Wendell and Blanche

Thelma Margaret Booth (Amon)
b. Parrsboro
d. 14/11/1998 Amherst, NS, age 89
husband - Arthur W. Booth
sons, Robert and Arthur

Inez Vivian James (Amon)
husband - William Reginald James
daughter - Leah (Boss)
sons - Wendell and Dean James

Winnifred Myrtle McNeil (Amon)
b. 1906 Springhill (other records have her born in the Annapolis Valley of NS)
d. 14/11/1992 Moncton, New Brunswick, age 85
husand - Harold McNeil
son - Harold Jr.

Phyllis Blance Landry (Amon)
b. Oxford, NS
d. 11/11/1988 Saint John, New Brunswick, age 75
occupation - Retail clothing industry
sons - David (Buddy) Smith and William Smith
1st husband - Lester Smith d. Sept. 12, 1936 (drowned)
2nd husband - Percy Landry Sr. d. 24/6/1885

I also found information on Everett Amon's grandparents:

Thomas Amon and
Rebecca McNeil, b. May 26, 1852, Parrsboro, NS
                       parents - John McNeil and Amelia (Faulkner)
                       d. Oct. 1, 1937, Spinghill Junction,
                       buried in Parrsboro                      
m. 18 March 1871
Economy, Nova Scotia

Occupation: Ships carpenter, Bass River

Wendell b. Dec. 3, 1885 d. March 13, 1936
Thomas Joseph, b. 19 July 1875, Bass River, NS
Morton Amon, b. 1889
John Amon, b. 1888

Make sure to check out

I think you may be able to go back even farther.


Title: Re: Everett Carr Amon
Post by tim amon on 01. Jul 2008 at 11:01

Everett Carr Amon was my grandfather.His son Wendell Everett Amon was my father . my sons are named Matthew Douglas Amon and Kristopher Carr Amon. My name is Timothy Douglas Amon.

Title: Re: Everett Carr Amon
Post by Holly Fisher on 03. Nov 2008 at 12:22

There are two siblings of Everett missing, as far as I know. Carr, who died in infancy, and Mildred (Dodie). I'm Pete's granddaughter. :)

Title: Re: Everett Carr Amon
Post by Holly Fisher on 03. Nov 2008 at 13:48

Also, there was another sister, Beth Carthell Bell.

Title: Re: Everett Carr Amon
Post by Nikki on 16. Dec 2008 at 09:48

Thanks to all who have replied....and so many are relatives... :)

Title: Re: Everett Carr Amon
Post by raccoon on 04. May 2009 at 05:18

email to Rick MacNeil good hunting, please share with his answer to you.  cheers patricia ;)

Title: Re: Everett Carr Amon
Post by lynn amon robinson on 09. Aug 2011 at 17:04

Winnifred Amon and Harold McNeill had a second son, Gary.
Mildred Amon (Dodie) married George Burden. She was his second wife.She had no children, but had 2 stepchildren: Audrey (now Fillmore) and Dr. Arnold.
Beth Carthell Amon married Alfred Bell and lived in Dartmouth. They had 2 daughters: Bettianne Bell Colpitts and Barbara Bell Savary.

Title: Re: Everett Carr Amon
Post by Lynn Amon Robinson8qx50ia on 29. Aug 2011 at 17:30

There was one more sister of Everret - Annie Amon Mackey. She married James (Jimmie) Mackey. He was a prisoner-of-war in Korea for a time. He drowned in the Churchill River. Their children :
Marianne Mackey ?, now deceased
Beatrice Gayle Mackey Paxman, now deceased
James Mackey
Steven  Mackey
Wendall and Blanche (Smith) Amon had 15 children, now all deceased. I am a granddaughter and would be pleased to reply to any inquiries.

Title: Re: Everett Carr Amon
Post by Heather MacDonald on 29. May 2015 at 03:57

Hello! Annie Schubert/Shubert is my paternal grandmothers sister. I am starting a family tree but wondering if you have any tips for the research part. I'm at a complete standstill on the MacDonald side. My father's name was Everett Bruce MacDonald. He always spoke fondly of Wendell (one of his favorite cousins) and I'm guessing my father was named after your grandfather.

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