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Message started by Bob B on 31. Jul 2008 at 11:05

Title: Family research
Post by Bob B on 31. Jul 2008 at 11:05

My great grandmother, Ann Bristol died and was buried in Springhill in June 1909. I am attempting to find an obituary for her that may reveal her maiden name.
Bob B

Title: Re: Family research
Post by annapolis on 02. Aug 2008 at 10:09

I checked the Moss Diaries and couldn't find anything in them to help you. If you go to
you will find BMD for many Bristol's. I found the death for Ann but it doesn't list her maiden name. It did list her religion as Catholic so you could try contacting the Catholic Church in Springhill. I don't know how far back Brown's funeral home in Springhill keeps their records but the business has been in the family for generations. That could be another source for you. If her husband was George, 2 children are listed under marriages - Margaret and Ellen (Bristoll). Do you know when her husband died and where he was buried. That may give you the information as well.
You could also look at Irish Family History Foundation for a marriage certificate if they were married in Ireland. If you can determine when and where she married you may be able to find her maiden name that way.
If I find anything else, I will let you know.  Good luck.

Title: Re: Family research
Post by Carl_Demings on 10. Aug 2008 at 23:33

Helo! Bob .....
Here is the only information I can find on your Ann Bristol which matches.

1779      AMHERST C      179      BRISTOL      MICHEL HEAD      08      1878      22
1779      AMHERST C      179      BRISTOL      EMMA WIFE 20      08      1876      24
1779      AMHERST C      179      BRISTOL      GEORGIE DAU 10 08      1899      1
1779      AMHERST C      179      BRISTOL      ARTHUR      SON      06 081900      
1779      AMHERST C      179      BRISTOL      ANN      MOTHER             64
Can you add any information which may help in searching? Thanks!

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