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Message started by SDC on 09. Jul 2011 at 19:36

Title: Audio books planned?
Post by SDC on 09. Jul 2011 at 19:36

I read the e-book thread with interest, and I'd be happy to buy the complete set in Kindle format when it becomes available, but I'd probably enjoy a complete set of AUDIO books even more. I first encountered Bandy in high school, and laughed all the way through the first 3 volumes (which were all I knew about, until recently). Now that everyone and their dog has an Ipod, I think an audio book compilation of Bandy's adventures would be a big seller. Does anyone know if something along these lines is possible in the near future?

Title: Re: Audio books planned?
Post by Forum Administrator on 09. Jul 2011 at 21:23

There aren't any immediate plans for audio books of the series (the CNIB has produced some, but they're restricted to the blind/visually disabled).

If we could find an audio book publisher interested in doing the Bandy books, we'd certainly be willing to discuss it with them.

There was a CBC dramatisation in the 1970s that was recorded on vinyl, but I only know of three copies in Canadian libraries, so it would likely be difficult to get ahold of:

National Library (

University of Guelph (

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