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Message started by Michel Fontaine on 19. Feb 2017 at 15:13

Title: More Bandy papers?
Post by Michel Fontaine on 19. Feb 2017 at 15:13

As a long time reader, and re-reader of the Bandy papers, I can't help wonder if it would be possible to have more written.  I know that sounds sacrilegious, but how many Bond books and movies have come out after Ian Fleming passed on?  Wouldn't it be great if someone could be brought in to write more Bandy papers, filling in the Spanish saga, seeing if Bart got dragged into the Korean conflict or maybe mixed it up in the Cold War?

Or maybe new papers could tell the story from BW, as a chip off the old block?  That would certainly allow for a slightly different style and not take anything away from Bart's tales.

I don't know who would take on that sort of task if the family were willing, but I'm thinking that someone like Mike Myers could do the job.  As a Canadian I would think he is familiar with the Bandy papers and may relish such a task without demanding the pay cheque he could hold out for.

Anyway, any chances of future episodes?  I'd love to continue following the saga(s).



Title: Re: More Bandy papers?
Post by Forum Administrator on 20. Feb 2017 at 13:20

It's an intriguing idea, especially to fill in the gap of Bandy's Spanish Civil War escapades. I can't help imagining Bandy, too, running off with a prototype Avro Arrow and stashing it in a barn somewhere, to gloat over...

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